[ Specialties ]
Our opened mind make us to listen to our clients' requests carefully
and meet or exceed their quality expectations.

Many Asian factories' qualities are improving, but there are still many imperfections. Our workers individually understand the high quality and react immediately to any imperfections.
Two inspectors carefully inspect any faults down to .05mm. This culture has been embedded in our company by working with many Japanese clients and having a Japanese inspector in the house to prevent any quality and technical errors.


We highly value the business relationship. The high quality relationship is only built through well stabilized strong communication.
Our communication is carefully handled by our native English speaking Technical salesman to prevent any communicational problems with English speaking clients.
We know the good communication is also directly related to good quality product.


Fast turnaround is the key for our success in this business.
We run our machines 24-hours a day with night and day shifts.
We use most major express shipping service providers and also ready to adopt any lower cost and safe express services for our clients.
If traveling is required in between business, we will certainly measure and be out the door as needed.

we always try to find a way to improve our work quality to the best.