[ Processes ]


These are the steps required to have a finished mockup
  • Consultation - Meeting with a client
  • 3D Data Review - Receive 3D data files or develop 3D data files for a client
  • CAM Work - The 3D data file transforms into the CNC language by using CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing) software with the provided 3D data
  • CNC Operations - Perform the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling operation with the received CAM data file.
  • Inspection - After CNC milling operation is finished, inspect and correct any imperfections by checking with measuring tools by hand.
  • Surface Finishing - Spray, Coat, Sand, Polish, Print, Anodizing, Chrome Plating and etc. by the request of a client
  • Packaging - Finished Mockup is securely well packaged and ready to be shipped out to a client